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When you own and operate any business, your goal is to offer innovative products that keep your customers coming back to your company year after year. The goal is no different for business owners who operate within the commercial cannabis industry in California. To realize such a goal, you need to stand out from the competition. At Green Wise Legal, P.C. our experienced business lawyers help cannabis business owners build their brands, obtain appropriate trademark and intellectual property protections, and market their companies throughout the state. If you have questions about branding, trademarks, or marketing, contact us first.

The Importance of Building and Protecting Your Brand

As the California cannabis industry grows, it is becoming increasingly important for retailers, cultivators, distributors, manufacturers, and other marijuana-related businesses to become established as trusted brands. Customers in any industry can be fiercely loyal to brands they know and trust. Building your brand begins with offering quality products combined with personal service and attention, regardless of what type of cannabis business you have.

It is also important to create recognizable trademarks so that your customers can distinguish your products and services from those offered by other companies. Recognizable trademarks can be used on packaging labels, storefront signage, letterhead, and many other applications. At GWL, our knowledgeable team can help you develop appropriate trademarks that will promote your brand while remaining in compliance with the strict regulations that govern cannabis marketing on both the state and federal levels.

If you suspect that another company is using your trademarks or intellectual property improperly, we are equipped to help you take action to protect your rights. Your brand is extremely valuable to the long-term success of your company, and we have the knowledge and experience to provide the guidance you need.

Responsible, Legal Cannabis Marketing and White Labeling

While public opinion regarding medical and adult use of cannabis has shifted dramatically over the last several decades, it is still a fairly controversial issue for many people. As a result, California law contains substantial restrictions on how cannabis, cannabis products, and related accessories can be marketed and advertised in the state. For example, cannabis advertising signs are prohibited within 1,000 feet of any school, day care center, or playground. Marketing that is considered "attractive to children" or that encourages "persons under 21 years of age to consume cannabis" is prohibited entirely. This is just the tip of the very convoluted iceberg.

These types of restrictions can make it difficult for you to expand your company's reach, but doing so is not impossible. Our skilled attorneys understand the law and are fully up to date on additional restrictions that may exist at the local level as well. We will help you develop marketing strategies that are responsible, legal, and, most importantly, effective in promoting your business. Further, "white labeling" and branding for other parties is heavily regulated and will require a skilled and knowledgeable team to avoid potential pitfalls. Our team can also assist you in defending against allegations of illegal marketing if they should arise.

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To learn more about building, protecting, and marketing your brand in the California commercial cannabis industry, contact our office. Call 858-605-8743 to schedule a free, confidential consultation with a member of our team today. Our lawyers represent cannabis business owners throughout the state. We are ready to help you navigate the complex California regulatory framework so that your company can be successful.

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