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For more than two decades, the cannabis industry in California has largely been comprised of loosely regulated collectives and cooperatives operating. With the passage of the Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) in 2017, state lawmakers began serious efforts to legitimize the industry and improve government oversight.

Over the next few years, commercial cannabis revenues are expected to increase dramatically. At Green Wise Legal, P.C., our attorneys are proud to help cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs as they look to claim a share of the growing market. We assist cultivators, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and transporters with all of their business law concerns.

Environmental Concerns and Water Rights

Before you can open a cannabis business in California, you will need to obtain licenses at both the local and state levels. As part of the licensing process, your business must be fully compliant with all existing federal, state, and local environmental regulations. While such regulations apply to all cannabis businesses, they are especially important for growers and cultivators. Our attorneys will assist you in working with various government entities to ensure that you are meeting the requirements set forth regarding:

  • The impact of your business on the environment;
  • The protection of natural resources;
  • Water quality and water supply concerns;
  • CEQA compliance; and
  • The use of hazardous materials, including pesticides and herbicides.

Our attorneys can also help you with registering your operation's water rights and water discharge plans with the state. California maintains strict standards regarding water use, and we will assist you with your compliance concerns.

Ordinance Tracking in California

The commercial cannabis industry in California is relatively young, which means that cities and municipalities around the state are constantly amending their laws to account for the new opportunities that are now available. As the law change, so must your business, but it can be difficult to keep track of new ordinances and regulations. At Green Wise Legal, P.C., we are fully up to date on cannabis-related laws and ordinances in communities throughout the state. Our knowledgeable team understands the importance of following the development of new rules so that your cannabis business can stay ahead of your competition.

Protecting Your Cannabis Business from Day One

If you own an existing cannabis business in California or you are looking to open one, contact our office to get the experienced guidance you need. Call 858-605-8743 for a free consultation at Green Wise Legal, P.C.. We serve business owners and entrepreneurs in San Diego County and throughout Southern California.

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