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Whether you are looking to start a business in the California commercial cannabis industry or you want to add or change locations, you will need to navigate the complex framework of local zoning laws. Zoning and land use regulations can be challenging for any business owner, but they are especially important for those who own and operate cannabis-related companies. Cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, testing laboratories, retailers, and microbusinesses must comply with all zoning and land use laws from day one. At Green Wise Legal, P.C. (GWL), we offer guidance and trusted representation for business owners as they work with government entities on zoning and land use entitlements including ordinances and regulations concerning:

  • Environmental issues/CEQA
  • Tax rates
  • Zoning
  • Land use
  • Water rights
  • Sensitive use buffers and setbacks

Experienced Zoning Lawyers in San Diego

The skilled attorneys at our firm are committed to helping you build your successful cannabis business. We understand that zoning and land use laws could affect what type of business you wish to operate and where you choose to locate your company. Before you can obtain your local license for your business, you will need to show that your business will comply with all applicable zoning and land use regulations. If a particular parcel of property needs to be rezoned, our attorneys will help you file the necessary paperwork and advocate on your behalf throughout the process.

Obtaining the appropriate property entitlements can be confusing and time-consuming. It also requires an in-depth knowledge of the law and attention to detail. The zoning and land use lawyers at GWL are ready to assist you in getting the permissions you need to get your business started.

We Lay the Groundwork so Your Business Can Thrive

Green Wise Legal, P.C. and Green Wise Consulting (GWC) have helped several dozen cannabis business owners complete the licensing process successfully. Our attorneys possess the experience and legal knowledge you can depend on to help you understand the zoning laws in your area. We are fully up to date on California land use restrictions, as well as those in place in counties and cities throughout the state. This allows us to anticipate potential problems before they arise, which can save our clients significant time and money. We also have a vast working knowledge of the public hearing, administrative hearing, and appeals processes in municipalities around California.

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The lawyers at Green Wise Legal, P.C. understand that preparation and planning can help you minimize possible issues with zoning and land use concerns. To learn more about how we can help your cannabis business grow, contact our office. Schedule your free consultation by calling 858-605-8743 today. We represent commercial cannabis business owners in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and throughout California.

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