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California was the first state to legalize the medical use of cannabis in 1996. In the years that followed, many of the cannabis businesses that sprang up operated in what could only be described as a legal "gray area" of cooperatives and collectives. This loosely regulated environment effectively created the public perception of cannabis businesses as casual, unsophisticated enterprises. With the passage of the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act in 2017, however, regulators in California have started taking significant steps toward legitimizing the industry.

At Green Wise Legal, P.C., we understand that many commercial cannabis businesses in California are run by serious owners who know how to operate successful companies. If you own a cannabis business, our experienced team can provide the legal guidance and representation you need to protect your venture and to keep your company profitable.

General Business Counsel

Some of the larger cannabis companies in California can afford to hire attorneys to serve as dedicated, in-house counsel. An in-house attorney is essentially a lawyer with just one client—the company that hired him or her. Such a lawyer provides direction, advice, and counsel on a wide range of business matters so that the company does not need to go looking for a lawyer each time a new issue arises.

If you own a cannabis business, hiring in-house counsel is not always feasible. Most such businesses, however, find that working with a law firm that offers general counsel services is a reasonable alternative to hiring an in-house attorney. At GWL we understand the challenges that cannabis business owners face on a daily basis, and we are equipped to help you keep your company moving in the right direction.

Trusted Cannabis Business Attorneys in California

One of the most important advantages to working with GWL for general counsel services is that our lawyers will become intimately familiar with your company. This allows us to anticipate and address potential problems before they become serious concerns. It also affords us the insight into how your decisions could affect the direction of your business. As general counsel, our attorneys can help you with:

  • Business formation, corporate reporting, and shareholding concerns;
  • Financial considerations, including budget planning and profit reinvestment strategies;
  • Contract review, negotiations, and due diligence;
  • Employment issues, including hiring practices and termination policies, as well as wage and discrimination claims;
  • Regulatory compliance, including both cannabis-specific and general business compliance;
  • Ant other matters that could affect the profitability and sustainability of your business.

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If you own a California cannabis business or are looking to get into the industry, contact our office to learn more about our general counsel services. Call 858-605-8743 to schedule a free consultation today. Our firm helps cannabis business owners in San Diego County, Los Angeles, Cardiff, San Francisco Bay area and throughout California.

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